Sound Healing

Sound Healing: Soul Voicing

Everything in this universe is frequency/ vibration /energy.Our voices express our deepest soul yearnings, and as we release our thought identifications, we can direct the vibrational frequencies for healing through the medium of intention.  Vibrational frequencies are carrier waves of transformative healing information and provide stagnant areas a pick me up.Our Voice can express with pure sound that is directly connected with our Presence.Like children’s sounds and cries can clearly get their needs and feelings expressed before verbal language is developed, we have the ability to engage these powerful radiant energies that we are feeling and choosing intentionally.

My own sonic initiation began as an understanding and experience of everything as grids of energy and recognizing my ability to transform those grids with my sound frequency and intentional energy.I was inspired to create an experience that could align sounds, intention, and movement spinning on a waveform that would give someone an altered state of consciousness.This manifested in 2000 with the Galaxy Glider created with metal master Willie Evans.This further led me to studying Tom Kenyon, Jeffrey Thompson, Jonathan Goldman, and finally to Karina Schelde’s Soul Voice technique in 2003.The transformation I enabled through unlocking the full frequency potential of my voice propelled me deep into the consciousness held in every atom of my being.With significant release, I was able to align my full presence and attention into full synchronicity with my intention and begin co-creating the highest life possible for myself, and Lifestyles of Light was born.

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