Breathwork is a purification communion with the element of air. It is a period of continuous breathing that challenges the energetic, mental, and physical limitations by flooding the body with breath energy. The breath surfaces our resistances and leads us into deep healing and relaxation.Everything that is inhibiting our personal healing and rest ability is released.Like the winds moving through the atmosphere clear storms, our own fields are cleared of the storms and stories when we breath connectedly, continuously, and mindfully.

Breathwork has tremendous effects on the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Change your breath and you change your consciousness.

Jeffrey has explored yogic and Taoist breathwork since 1998.  He has trained and participated in Reichian Breathwork since 2002, Rebirthing Breathwork since 2003 and Transformational and Holotropic breathwork since 2004.

Sessions are typically 1 hour.


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