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Through ongoing exploration and experimentation of consciousness and transformation, Jeffrey has met, trained and exchanged with dozens of phenomenal and unique teachers on the planet. He uses alphabiotics, sound healing, breath-work, bodywork, movement, nutrition, hydration, mineralization, intuition and insight to return people to themselves in full responsibility and in love. He is a father, a husband, a community leader, and a lover of life.

As a child, Jeffrey’s family used the mountains, canyons, lakes and rivers as the church they frequented many weekends of every year. He was involved in sports (especially swimming) music, academics and art. He would set goals that no one believed were possible and then he would magically achieve them. When he was 8 years old, he entered the Northern California Swim Championships seeded 224th in the 25 yard butterfly. He decided he was going to make the Finals. In his first heat, he dropped 5 seconds off his time and made the finals with the 16th fastest time. In his next heat, he dropped another second and a half and placed 4th earning him a place in the California All Star Meet. In that race, he dropped another second and a half off his time and won the race setting a new record. His confidence and his awe for nature led him to explore the big picture and whole systems thinking.

As a young self-induced Shaman, Jeffrey experienced great transformation and expanded states of consciousness. His gut feeling was that these incredible states of high energy were not foreign, but totally human. He set his trajectory, with the goal of bringing people into these states naturally, easily, and sustainably as the wind in his sails. He was not satisfied with people needing a substance outside themselves to reach these states so he explored meditation, breathing, moving, sounding, fasting, gardening, living foods and studying every esoteric, spiritual, and shamanic system that he came across. While in high school and college he maintained a high GPA but spent much more time studying with outside teachers, systems, and programs to satisfy his passion.

His discoveries are all encompassing and yet seamlessly interwoven. He found that in all of the basic human functions and requirements for life, we can access the high caliber energy states of expanded consciousness. He has naturally created a symbiosis of movement, breath and sound (INU) and was honored as the lineage holder for EDGU: evolutionary spinal maintenance. Jeffrey has inspired thousands as a teacher and is a renowned artist of great transformation.

Jeffrey trained with many teachers along the way and read many more. His main influences in movement systems come from kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, kriya yoga, and eternal yoga. Directly with Viriam Singh Khalsa at University of Oregon, John Perry in Eugene, OR, Siri Gian Singh Khalsa in Sacramento, Virochana Khalsa.He studied Chi Kung and Nei Kung and found EDGU with Jeffrey Page Redman at Breitenbush, OR. He was part of a team of artists that created a sound healing kinetic time ship and toured extensively with his crew spinning people on their “galaxy glider.” He trained with Tom Kenyon and Karina Schelde as well as performed at the California Institute of Psychoacoustics. He studied and practiced breathwork with master Reichian Therapists Siri Gian Singh Khalsa and Michelle Newmark, rebirthing founder Leonard Orr, and Transformational Breathwork founder Judith Kravitz. He studied with CA bodywork pioneers Judy Phillips and Madonna Polley. He has studied with kabbalists, alchemists, physicists, Rosecrucians, Mayan calendar experts, meditation masters, religious philosophy (especially Eastern, Middle Eastern, Judaic, Egyptian, Shamanic, Central and Southern American). He has studied with Dennis Klocek at the Rudolph Steiner College and is deeply involved in the work of Rudolph Steiner. Jeffrey has worked with raw live food masters Gabriel Cousens, Victorus Kulvinskas, and David Jubb. He continues to study and practice daily.


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