Our first approach is to be non-chemical & non-pharmaceutical.
We use natural herbs, oils and magnetic healing earths to eliminate pathogenic bacteria.
Our second approach is to use oxygen. We oxygenate our oils in a hyperbaric chamber with not just ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2), but actually 10 kinds of oxygen, from O1 to O10. Our third approach is to reset our body’s bioterrain. We do this by using actual terra firma itself: natural high energy mineral earths from Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Wyoming and Vanuatu. Our fourth approach is to use conscious vibrational energy. We imprint all our earths with lemurian quartz crystal powder, and transfer healing vibrations to it.
* Toothpaste
Regular Strength Small $25 – 2oz
Small size for travel & day usage. This is our highly popular all vegan, Natural Toothpaste Elixir that people have been raving about! Contains live enzymes and probiotics that are activated through saliva and phyonutrients absorbed through the mouth. Designed to last one month.

Regular Strength Large $40 – 5oz
The economical larger size is designed to last 3 months. All you need is a dab. Same formula as the 2 oz. Elixir, this is 100% organic, natural and vegan.

Extra Strength Small $50 – 2oz
Even if you don’t have severe gum disease, you may want to keep a tube of this around, just from the incredible energy lift it gives you. This is a very concentrated and exotic elixir with expensive, essential oils, powerful pain-relieving essences and tissue regeneration extracts from ground Elk Antler, and Amazon botanicals.

Extra Strength Large $75 – 5oz
Same as above but larger – this is a very concentrated and powerful elixir with expensive essential oils and exotic pain-relieving essences. In addition, this contains specific herbs from the Amazon that stem gum bleeding and oil extracts from Elk Antler to facilitate gum regrowth.
* Skin Oil

I Am Beautiful Facial Skin Regenerative Oil – $50
15 ml super concentrate of Oxygenated Healing Oil

Indulge your face and skin with this deeply nourishing, oxygenated oil. Designed to promote regeneration of skin due to exposure, aging and sun damage. The oils in it are activated with frequencies for regeneration through our resonance process. The Elk Antler Velvet (EAV) and Marine Phytoplankton (MP) have growth promoting elements and regenerative frequencies inherent in them. This oil smells wonderful – earthy with a slight citrus treble note. Jasmine and Rose will come out during the day.

Triple Healing Skin Oil- $50
15 ml super concentrated Healing Oil

This oil is super concentrated with dissolved oxygen, naturally antibiotic essential oils and tissue regeneration factors. This is our most powerful oil for skin regeneration in severe cases, such as cuts, burns, acne and plastic surgery.



Matrix of Life Technologies

Living Mineral Concentrate is the most absorbable, effective mineral supplement on the planet. It provides full spectrum minerals in their chloride form. Especially high in magnesium, your cell function will improve dramatically.
Parent Essential Oil Omega 3-6-9 is the 100% plant based equivalent to fish oils without the long term side effects. The life force is intact at very high levels

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