Lifestyles of Light


A place where one returns to LIFE within, taking full responsibility in their whole reality.

We want to help you shine brilliantly! Lifestyles of Light is a devoted team of Transformation Artists guided by Jeffrey Williams. These artists bring the most informed, immediate, and effective practices to the lives of their members. These practices are for experiencing high caliber energy states or states of super-conduction. Human beings are highly tuned, multidimensional organisms of frequency. We conduct frequency and are in constant communion with All That Is. Since we are One with All, we are constantly co-creating through our radiant transmission of Mind.

A Lifestyle of Light Facilitator (LLF):

One who puts Life first. One who remembers that each of us is innately perfect, able, and absolutely full of everything necessary for each of us to restore our vitality and presence of mind, body, and spirit. We do not believe that we are healers, doctors, therapists, or authorities, but instead incredibly blessed co-creators in each moment with our participants, and each moment can be incredibly fulfilling and inspiring. In our moments together we can transcend the obscurities and misinterpretations that we have latched onto, come to expect, and unconsciously seeded into our lives. We can reconnect with what is naturally harmonic and life giving.




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