Alphabiotics is a dynamic, highly skilled, bio-energetic, hands on intentional process that communicates to the brain to restore optimum function.  This results in immediate balancing of brain state and release of beneficial hormones, full strength distribution in the body and restored cellular function within seconds.

Alphabiotics is one of the most scientifically proven, efficient and effective stress relief process with almost 100 years of practice and development.

An alphabiotic alignment with Jeffrey is like an instant meditation in which your body’s power and intelligence gets immediately turned on.

 Alphabiotics relieves the negative effects of stress on the body immediately and tangibly. Unrelieved stress is the root cause of all of life’s challenges. The alphabiotic alignment employs a safe and effective process that enables a person to shift out of an unrelieved stress state. 

We are put into a stress state (fight or flight) when we experience unexpected, intense, or threatening circumstances. These impact us most deeply when they are sudden.  When the body receives a sudden non-threatening input in a way that it can understand (alphabiotic unification process) the body responds by rebalancing itself. Alphabiotics is very dynamic and its impact is very deep and lasting.

Alphabiotics:  The Alphabiotic unification communicates a “check yourself” signal and once received a person can discern whether or not they are truly threatened or just running the protection programs. The brain slows into balanced whole brain alpha, theta and delta waves and the fight or flight mechanism is interrupted. Developed by the Chrane family over 3 generations, alphabiotics provides immediate stress relief and restores our innate healing mechanism of the body.  In response to the alphabiotic process, the body’s intelligence immediately recognizes inappropriate fight or flight and redirects its’ life energies into the body where cause corrective action happens. We remember how to put “life first.”



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