Jeffrey Williams and his team of master teachers and consciousness explorers have uncovered and brought to light the most practical and effective means of transformation and awakening available to humanity at this time.

Members are guided back to the foundations of being human and are taught how to navigate the human experience successfully through the basics. Jeffrey Williams shares his no nonsense system of move-breathe-sound (INU) and his system of evolutionary spinal maintenance (EDGU) in a grounded and approachable way. He offers deeper personal transformation and super consciousness sustainability with Alphabiotic alignment, breathwork, sound work, body work, light work and so much more.

 Alphabiotic sessions:

In a 15-minute session, participants are guided into a receptive state and an inner space of consolidated attention. Deep breathing is initiated and maintained while an analysis is made. In the time leading up to the alphabiotic alignment Jeffrey is doing bodywork, communicating with you and receiving your intention. At this time there are often healing vocal sounds made into the body as well as hands on bodywork. The alphabiotic alignment is a high sensory, non-threatening input to the occipital ridge (the base rear of the skull). There is an integration and a check-in. You are often provided guidance in how to place your attention as to accelerate and hold in your whole brain state.

What we know occurs with every alphabiotic alignment is that the chronic fight, flight, or freeze state that people are in, which a one hemispheric beta brain state of outer reactive stress, is interrupted and a whole brain alpha, theta, and delta reboots and holds.
Both sides of the body come into even alignment, strength is restored and the body both entirely and cellularly, can function properly. A specific problem can be healed because there is now energy and attention replaced in the hands of the body’s innate wisdom, which is the greatest doctor. 

 Some of the benefits members experience:

·      A quieter and more content mental state

·      More relaxed body and disposition

·      Balance of strength on both sides

·      An increase of a feeling of spaciousness within

·      Clear thinking and decision-making

·      Remission from many conditions 

·      Improved physical and mental balance

·      Stress recovery

·      Postural improvement

·      Self-Healing

Lifestyles of Light prices and programs are below:

Private Membership Association

-alignment session $40

-30 minute session $75

-60 minute session $140

Our members can attend ongoing INU: move-breathe-sound, EDGU, breath work/sound healing, and coherent energetics classes for discounted prices and get information and discounts on all of the annual trainings.

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